Meet our newest fashionable umbrella designs: Deco, Seaside and Boho. Each one has its own story and personality. But it's not just about the umbrella! It's about the whole look. How does your Vinrella represent who you are and where you're from? Let's see if we can guess your favorite style based on where you live. 

Pick Your Region:

If you're from the midwest, you LOVE fall. You look forward to the layers, the denim and the cool dark colors. But you also love the bright leaves as they turn from green to red. This is the perfect fall outfit because it's nice and casual, but still work appropriate. You chose the red Deco design, along with your red lipstick, because it complements the earthy tones of your fall jacket and jeans. Throw on a brown rain hat for extra hair protection and you're good to go.

The seaside is where you want to be. Whether you love the preppy style or the Manhattan chic look, you carry the Seaside umbrella because it makes you feel at home. You can't wait to go boating on the weekends and strut your style in the city during the work week.

You've got a glamorous side to you and aren't afraid to make a statement with bright, flirty colors. Think Katy Perry's "California Girls" video. You live a fast paced life—working hard, but playing harder. The Boho umbrella is just right for you because it's girly, fun and bubbly, just like you.