As promised, we have put together a list of our favorite gifts this year for everyone including your best friend, boyfriend, husband, baby or even your dog. Obviously our cool Vinrella umbrellas should be number ONE but we thought we would show you something you don't already know. Enjoy!
  1. The GoPro Camera allows you to catch amazing footage as you engage in sports, travel, and fun!
  2. Powerleaf Backup Battery by Triple C is small and portable so you can bring power with you wherever you go.
  3. Travel in style with Hang Accessories Trolley Bags. Vinrella owner, Sheri, has one and loves that she can tote her ipad, laptop, sweater, and wallet when traveling.
  4. Etsy's The Teepee Guy makes adorable kid's play tents. Great gift for kids!
  5. Stuart Weitzman makes the world's cutest baby shoes. Whoever gets these for their kids will want to hang on to them forever.
  6. Boot cuffs are stylish and warm. They look great under any pair of boots!
  7. Get your man a monogramed Ralph Lauren robe for lounging around the house.
  8. The Flik-it dog game launches a tennis ball far enough to satisfy the most energetic pooch. Fun for your dog and the whole family.