A note from the Art Director:

This weekend, Mother's Day is coming right up! It is rare for us to say this, but lets hope for a sunny and warm Sunday free of rain and showers. We hope you were able to purchase one of our cool umbrellas for your mom this year. Every mom is sure to be surprised at how unique each one is!

At Vinrella, as you may know, we are a mother-daughter team, which makes us pretty special. I am the daughter and I would like to make this a special post for the amazing founder of Vinrella, my mom! She is awesome and the best mother in the world! Together we have made something super cool that we are both proud of. If you have been following our company, I hope you have enjoyed some of the artwork I have created for the company on our bottles, website, blog, in-store locations, and more. But here, I would like to share a Mother's Day card design I created.




If you would like to send your mom an eCard with this design, you may do so HERE, at the Lynn Sage Foundation's website. All proceeds go to finding a cure for Breast Cancer.