It's April and that means its time for many individuals and families to take a spring break from school or work. For me, it's my annual sojourn to Longboat Key Fl, a place where I've gone since I was a teenager. I love the white beaches, shops of St. Armand's Circle, and great restaurants with fresh catch—not to mention a fab view in many spots.

Longboat Key is an island off the coast of Sarasota where the vegetation is lush and pristine and the sunsets are primo—especially with a glass of wine.

After dinner one evening we decided to drive down the island to a small, quaint
neighborhood where Peacocks can always be seen gracefully roaming the streets. I of
course couldn't resist a little photo. That cobalt blue is even more stunning in person.

At St. Armand's, fashionable boutiques fill the European-like circle, where outdoor cafés are the
place to hang out. One of my favorite salads anywhere is the table side tossed at Columbia

While there I met with local retailers that will soon carry Vinrella. They were each
surprised to see our bottle umbrellas and umbrella website for the first time.

Perfect for Florida, Vinrella will shield you from those huge down-pores. We love the Orange/Green dots design for this spring.