If you live in a climate where the seasons change – aha! Fall is here and it’s wonderful taking part in autumn activities. For example, a hike into the woods can become a glorious, colorful adventure as you see the red, orange, green and gold of the changing leaves. And, if you stop along the trail, take a deep breath, and spend a few moments appreciating the beauty around you – it’s sure to provide peace of mind.

And speaking of getting back to nature, apple picking is a favorite autumn event for many families. Start off driving to an apple orchard out in the country, then pull out the bushel barrels and start picking fresh apples off the trees. It’s so much more fun than buying apples in plastic bags at the grocery store. And, oh my! The pies you can make with them – delicious!

Then, of course, there’s Halloween. It’s an amazing holiday for children that’s starts with all the preparation of decorating your house, carving jack-o’-lanterns, and choosing costumes, and leads up to a grand finale of pumpkin festivals, costume parties and trick-or-treating.

To put function, fashion and fun into all your fall activities, consider taking along a Vinrella with an autumn color including Estate Label, Geometric Black, Leopard, Black Plaid, Deco, Camo, Savanna and In Bloom.

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So, while you’re enjoying the outdoors, watching the leaves change colors, and making new autumn memories, don’t forget to take your favorite umbrella in a bottle.