It’s a crisp, fall Monday. You feel that mid-afternoon crash trickling in. Ah, looks like it’s coffee run time! Your favorite excuse to take a break from the day, of course.

Since the beginning of their time, coffee shops have functioned differently than any other food or drink establishment. Or any space, really. Contrary to the name, their purpose goes far beyond simply serving coffee. They’ve become a social and cultural landmark of sorts—a space deeply entangled in people’s routines and relationships. On a typical day, you will see students studying, professionals working or meeting for interviews, couples enjoying a cozy date, friends catching up, bookworms reading…the list goes on. We also can’t forget about the people quickly running in and out to grab their caffeine pick-me-up in between commitments, like busy moms and employees from nearby businesses.  

That’s the beauty of coffee shops. They cater to the “busy” individual: the one who has mere minutes to spare, the one who needs a space where they can take a breather, and the one who needs an environment that motivates productivity. In the 21st century, where the pace of life is faster than ever before, coffee shops serve as an escape—a reward, even. Sure, you may have coffee at home, but the act of going out and purchasing one gives you something to look forward to during a mundane day. Sitting in the hospitable, warm ambience surrounded by other people allows you to feel at ease when life gets too busy.  

Oh no, you’ve just arrived at your favorite destination for that mid-afternoon coffee and it’s down-pouring outside! Not a problem. You’ve got your Vinrella Bottle Umbrella handy in your purse at all times.

You run in and feel relieved that you can enjoy your cup of coffee while dry and toasty. You stick your wet umbrella back in the bottle and throw it in your purse. The barista thanks you for not trailing in any rain from outside. She compliments your perfectly intact makeup and jokes that it must be waterproof. You smile at her and ask, “Have you heard of the Umbrella in a Bottle?”