At the Atlanta and Dallas Gift shows Vinrella was officially launched.  There retailers saw for the first time our line of bottle umbrellas..  I had a feeling they would love it, but I was overwhelmed by the attention, orders, excitement and positive comments.  

We are a Mother -Daughter team.  Nicole - daughter with a sureness about style and design and the brains about branding.  So glad I allowed her to take the reigns and create the Vinrella look.  Luckily she willingly worked endless hours for no pay!  That degree in Graphic design from university of Illinois really paid off, and helped her recently land a job at a great company in Chicago. Now she works for Vinrella on weekends and evenings.

Then there's me, the sales/marketing lover.  I am happiest when creating, selling and interacting with people.   Having worked in the Art and Design business for many years, the visual aesthetics of all things in life matter a great deal to me. When it comes to art, interior design, and fashion, I always have an opinion. Maybe that's why Nicole and I spend so much time designing our bottles and umbrellas.

So, 2013 here we come! We're off to a great start.  Vinrellas will continue to incorporate contemporary design and functionality.  Cool umbrellas are hard to come by, that's why we brought you Vinrella. 

Remember, you can always reach us at with your Vinrella vibes- comments, ideas and suggestions.

Sheri Hammonds