At Vinrella we are hard at work launching our new line of nine amazing umbrellas that come tucked inside a bottle that you can carry easily on your wrist or in your bag. I am so excited to see everyone carrying their Vinrellas out in the world! I believe that there is a bottle for everyone and a story that goes with each one.  

Well, here's my story. The White geometric design I'm carrying above is one of my favorites because I love the bold patterns that match my graphic designer style. I wear mostly solid bright colors, so the cool pattern compliments my urban chic style. My bottle sits on my desk at work, ready to brave the Windy City whenever I need it. Not to mention that I feel pretty safe walking home with it in hand!

Share with us what YOUR bottle says about YOU on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for reading, all. Stay tuned for more. 

Nicole Hammonds
Art Director