As many of you know, Vinrella is a Mother-Daughter company. We work together to bring our brand to life. It is an honor to be able to work along side each other and see our products on store shelves. Though we live and work in two different cities, we still find opportunities for Vinrella to bring us together. This year, we embarked on an Asian adventure to find inspiration for our future products, making for a special Mother's Day.

The first stop was Hong Kong, a fashionable, innovative city with beautiful scenery. In Hong Kong, we enjoyed a mother-daughter vacation and saw some incredible places such as Lantau Island's Big Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery. The colors were vibrant and architecture had great detail. You never know when you will find pattern inspiration!

Vinrella's Sheri Hammonds and Nicole Hammonds in Hong Kong at the Big Buddha

Vinrella in Hong Kong on Lantau Island

In Tokyo, we enjoyed people watching over an afternoon cup of tea and noticed how trendy all types of umbrellas were in their culture! Many people on the streets were carrying umbrellas whether it was raining, cloudy or sunny.

In China, we enjoyed checking out the colorful clothing and even trying some on for fashion inspiration. We also sang and danced at the local Karaoke bar. What fun!

All in all, we had an amazing time celebrating Vinrella success and exploring the culture while getting new ideas.