At Vinrella, we take pride in our custom patterns and fashionable look. Our ideas come from many places, but travel is one great way to get inspired. On a recent trip to Southeast Asia, Art Director & Designer, Nicole, took her Vinrella and creative thinking cap overseas to learn and explore.

Vinrella on Cambodian Island with Nicole

Since it was the tail end of monsoon season, it was no question that a Vinrella was coming in the suitcase. Our cool Water Bottle Umbrellas are a perfect size for travel and are easy to carry. In Southeast Asia, monsoon season is by no means predictable. The rain is heavy, but doesn't last long. Even during the rainy season, it's common the see the sun, even if your weather app shows a week straight of rain. The water bottle umbrella came in handy for rain, sun and wind in each stop of the trip including Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  

Vinrella on the pier in CambodiaVinrella on Cambodian Island with NicoleModeling Vinrella in Cambodia