The most important call you can make this week is to your Mother for Mother’s Day. In this fast paced, technical world, we must remind ourselves of what our Mothers have given us in our lives, the time they have spent raising us, and why it’s so important to honor them.

Some of us live close to our Mothers but for those that don’t, a phone call is Mom’s best gift.
The mom we want to call doesn’t exaggerate or judge us. She doesn’t make everything about her. She’s there to listen and support, and offer advice when it is wanted or just plain necessary. She is honest. She is compassionate. She has known us forever. She is the light in our most difficult and darkest moments. She is the love we sincerely hope we are passing to our little ones. She gives and gives, sometimes too much, but goodness, we all hope to become her.

That simple call will assure Mom that you care and that she has done her job well. 

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Here’s to Mom’s everywhere! 

Maybe it's time to send Mom on a vacation this year...