A seemingly difficult task in corporate America is being on the team that chooses what to giveaway to guests at the annual party or conference event. Ideas require endless discussion, strong opinions, countless Google searches and approvals.

Stop your searching… we think Vinrella’s Umbrellas in a Wine or Water Bottle are unique corporate giveaways, just what you may be looking for.

  1. Wine is super popular. Our Wine Bottle umbrellas are in boutiques all over the country because people love showing off their favorite pour while it’s pouring outside. Here’s to the next uncorking!
  1. Sportswear and sports accessories are also super popular. Our Water Bottle umbrellas look like sleek designer water bottles that clip onto your bag – but more useful when caught in the rain.
  1. Associate your corporate brand with an innovative, fresh product. Vinrellas solve a problem: No more drippy wet umbrellas! They store the wetness in the bottle so no need for an umbrella bag or shoving it under the table of the restaurant or bar. Plus, they come in 35 fun designs. One for any brand personality.
  1. You can personalize Vinrella. If you prefer, we can add your corporate logo and custom text to the bottle and even the umbrellas, creating a truly unique giveaway idea that showcases your company.
  1. Vinrella is the Orignial Umbrella in a bottle. It’s not a poor-quality generic brand. We’re a family-owned business that has been creating fun, functional umbrellas for years. We’ve been saying “Bottle up the wetness” for a long time.
  1. It’s something people will actually use. They’re functional in the rain and fashionable in the sun. Most people need an umbrella at some point. Our designs are fun and fresh. They express personality and individuality. There’s no reason to carry a boring throw-away umbrella ever again.
  1. Vinrella makes for “aha!” moments. Usually when people look at our bottles they ask “What’s that super fun bottle?” The surprise happens when we pull an umbrella out of the bottle. It never fails to impress.


Personalized Wine Bottle Umbrella created for the Chicago Lyric Opera Wine Auction.