With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to get your gifts ready to go! Gifting a Vinrella umbrella is a sure way to give something unexpected, adorable and useful. Everyone needs an umbrella right? But, our cool umbrellas are nothing like your standard umbrella. The bottle will hold in the water, so none of your belongings get wet. Not only that, but you can select the pattern or design that best suits each one of your friends and family members. Our wine bottle umbrellas are perfect for wine lovers—male or female. Think about how many bottles of wine your friends get each year. Now think about how many bottle umbrellas they receive…now there’s a first! From flirty pink to modern geometric patterns, our products have a range of designs to choose from.

Burgundy Wine Bottle Label Umbrella

No matter the holiday, wine bottle umbrellas are the ideal surprise. The sleek bottle shape fits perfectly into a stocking or wine bottle gift bag. You’ll want to ask Santa for your favorite Vinrella umbrella, yourself! Or collect that Hannukah gelt and head straight for Vinrella.com to snag the hottest umbrella of the year.


Wine Bottle Umbrellas are The Perfect Holiday Gift