Every time someone asks about our umbrellas in a bottle, be it in stores, on the street or at a gift show, one of the comments is always:

“That umbrella would make a great gift.”

We agree. Umbrellas are the kind of thing that you don’t think to buy for yourself until it’s too late and your hair’s a wet mess. And even then, you’re stuck with the boring black built-like-a-paper-airplane umbrella at a drug store.

So for your upcoming friend’s birthday party, shower or dinner party, what better gift than our umbrellas – something useful, fun, fashionable, completely unique and there when you really need it?

Which friend will get your Umbrella Gift?

To help you choose who should get your Vinrella, we put together our list of people in your life who might appreciate it:

The Fashionable Niece (who kinda makes you feel old).

She has the latest gadget, listens to the latest music and wears the latest fashion trend. She represents what you were (or wanted to be) when you were her age: Smart, savvy and soon-to-be successful. Her gift umbrella needs to be bold and make a statement. Fun yet unique. She’ll appreciate anything from her favorite aunt, but she’ll know you did your homework by giving her a stylish Vinrella.

Design recommendations: Peacock Wine Bottle Umbrella, Zebra Wine Bottle Umbrella, Weaving Petals Water Bottle Umbrella


The Mother Who Deserves Some Fun on a Rainy Day.

Mom’s always been there for you, but it’s been hard work. All the worrying, doing your laundry, packing your lunch, visiting when you’re sick, finding subtle ways to tell you you’re making a terrible decision...

If anyone deserves a little fun on a rainy day, it’s Mother.

Design recommendations: Flora Bottle for the sparky Mom, Leopard Bottle for the sassy Mom and our Melon Burst Water Bottle (shown above) for the sweet Mom.

That Guy At Work Who Looks Good in Plaid. And Black. And Green. And… 

You know who I’m talking about. He’s a nice guy, a little shy, totally gets your need to watch reality tv and happens to be drop-dead gorgeous in a pair of good jeans. He’s got everything except a girlfriend and a stylish umbrella. Now’s your chance.

Design recommendations: Black Plaid Wine Bottle Umbrella, Black Plaid Water Bottle Umbrella

The Desert Island Girl Friend.

Your best girlfriend is awesome. She’s your go to person to tell all, she’s easy-going and loves the movie Heathers almost as much as you do. She doesn’t complain (too much) about your relationship rants and even appreciates your tendency to oversleep and be 45 minutes late for brunch.

You’re a lucky gal to have that lifetime friend, but don’t rest on your laurels. Surprise her with a Vinrella. It shows you appreciate good fashion, having fun and letting you be the third wheel as often as she has.

Design recommendations: Boho Bottle Umbrella, Morning Glory Bottle Umbrella, Geometric Bottle Umbrella

The Friend Who Always Just Came Back From Somewhere Exotic. 

“Buenos Aires was so amazing. The food is so unique. Paris is definitely NOT overrated. Bali, my god, the water is the bluest you’ll ever see. You just gotta go sometime!”

You have to appreciate their passion for other cultures and sharing that all that passion with you.

When it’s time to give them they’re next going away present, give them a gift of our umbrellas: fun to carry, easy to store, great for London’s endless rain or Rome’s hot summer sun.

Design recommendations: Tribal Bottle Umbrella, Seaside Bottle Umbrella, Flora Bottle Umbrella

The friend in Seattle Who Wasn’t Born There.

Sadly, like tens of thousands of other young professionals, your friend is moving away to the Northwest for a new job, beautiful scenery, better farmer’s markets, stellar recycling and a lot of rain. The locals don’t quite get the point of using umbrellas, they’ll say that’s what coffee shops are for.

However, before she goes, give your friend a stylish umbrella that stores dry in a designer bottle and those Northwesterners might be inspired by the perfect merge of fashion and function. 

Design recommendations: Seaside Bottle Umbrella, Artistic Purple Bottle Umbrella, Botanical Green Bottle Umbrella


The Couple Who Are Really Excited for Their Wedding.

No doubt, getting married is an unforgettable life event, but sometimes couples forget that their friends don’t have quite the same investment in it as they do. Still, you’re thrilled for their big day and need to channel that energy into a fun shower present that someone else hasn’t already bought them – something that’s unique, memorable, doesn’t cost a fortune and has your personality written all over it.

We’re talking about why our Bride and Groom umbrellas make a perfect wedding shower gift for the perfectly-excited couple.

Design recommendations: Bride Bottle Umbrella, Groom Bottle Umbrella

The Friend You Think Might Drink Wine for Breakfast.

You love her because she loves to have fun. She’s not shy about drowning a night of good food and good friends with a bottle of good Cabernet. The stories get better as the night goes on and the only thing left on the table at 2am is a half bottle of Pinot Grigio that you both might finish off for breakfast.

We created Vinrella just for her. Our umbrella in a wine bottle is the perfect umbrella gift for someone who can’t get enough of the color Burgundy.

Design recommendations: Burgundy Label Bottle Umbrella, Black Label Bottle Umbrella, Misty Spirits Labeled Bottle Umbrella