We know why you’re here and time is short. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for her that’s not going to break the bank.

We’ll get right to the point.

We make uniquely functional, designer umbrellas for the fun-loving woman who has a style and personality all her own.

Is Vinrella unique?

We invented the umbrella in a bottle. Our stylish no-drip bottle stores the umbrella so she can carry it in a bag without getting everything wet. It comes in more than 30 designs – and most importantly – she’ll turn heads and make smiles everywhere she goes.

Is it something she’ll keep – and maybe even use?

Unless she lives in a desert, every woman needs an umbrella. And even then, Vinrella is a unique Valentine’s Day gift that will keep her fashionably shaded. Add Vinrella to a stylish outfit, and yes, she’ll use it again and again.

Is it affordable?

Vinrella is the original Umbrella in a Bottle, and at only $22, we think that’s a great price for the the most durable, wine and water bottle umbrellas on the market. You might find cheaper knock-offs, but they may not last beyond the first rain.

Which should I get – a water bottle umbrella or wine bottle umbrella?

Does she like wine? Vinrella is a conversation starter for wine lovers. Is she a sporty gal? Then go with the latter. Like many women we know, she’s both. In that case, get one of each and get free shipping!



Our Melon Burst Water Bottle Umbrella

It’s not just a great TV show. We think orange really is the new black. Add some flirt and a dash of classic Vinrella design and it becomes our lively and unapologetically fun Melon Burst Bottle Umbrella. It's the color of warm personalities, optimism and the freedom from letting anything get her down.



Our Burgundy Labeled Wine Bottle Umbrella

Our Burgundy Umbrella in a Wine Bottle is our most popular – and for good reason. Inspired to be the perfect Valentine’s gift for the deserving wine lover, there is no other vintage that stops the rain so well with such uniqueness. It’ll peek out of her purse on her night out and she’ll have to answer the question, “Where did you get that fun umbrella?”


Our Weaving Petals Water Bottle Umbrella

Another version of our popular geometric designs, our Weaving Petals is a bottle of blue happiness designed to be carried by anyone whose style is classic, undeniably playful, a little vintage and completely fun. Highly recommended for walking to brunch, swinging on a park bench, playing hookie from work or standing in front of any camera.


Our Flora Wine Bottle Umbrella

This beautifully simple red umbrella is designed for the understated yet opinionated fashionista. Inspired by the natural world and Japanese folk art style, its eye-grabbing graphic explosion might as well be a sign that says “The most beautiful thing you can carry is confidence.”


Visit our galleries to find many more unique designs that will match her unique personality. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for reading,

- The Vinrella team