Tortuga Bottle Umbrella

$ 26.00

Introducing Tortuga, an umbrella inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of sea turtles. Its captivating hues of purple and intricate design are guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone around. All Vinrella wine bottle umbrellas have a no-drip design to seal your wet umbrella in the bottle and protect your purse, backpack or briefcase.

A portion of the proceeds from each umbrella will be donated to the SEE Turtles organization, which helps save sea turtles through conservation, supporting important nesting beaches, working to end demand for turtle shells, and helping clean up plastic waste from turtle habitats. Find out more at

Umbrella details:

  • Loop concealed in handle for carrying or hanging
  • Manual open, steel frame
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • 38” Diameter umbrella

Bottle details:

  • Height: 12"
  • Diameter: 2"
  • ABS plastic bottle